satiations and salivations of a culinary nerd

Recently I’ve been getting a bit all up and into slowly cooked chunks of meat. You might have noticed this in a previous tumblr post I did on slow cooking a lamb forequarter.

Well, I made purple carrot pan fried gnocchi to serve with that pulled apart lamb forequarter (and served it with broad beans). That’s the second set of pictures here…

Above that is some pictures of me making pulled pork pies, which I served with red cabbage and beans, as well as a mango ketchup. It was HEAVENLY. The recipes will be up soon. And the best thing aboput slow cooked meat is hos easy it is. It’s SO easy, just get a good mixture to rub liberally into the meat before cooking 9that’s what the “messy hand picture” is of. Then bake/slow cook for half an age. Done and delicious. 

What’s your favourite slow cooked meal?

  • 1 December 2011