satiations and salivations of a culinary nerd

An adaptation of Nonie Dwyer’s slow cooked lamb forequarter marinade… from the eatdrinkblog conference… 

making moon-pies with Nathalie for morning tea duties. Tes helped with the sifting some…

a photo narrative with a happy ending to my tired arrival home this afternoon.

Macaroon at Chapels on Whatley, with friends and chatter. Wednesday cafe crusades define my week.
grilled chorizo and potatoes with some truffle oil, parsley and pickled capsicum. Wow.
Look what I found yesterday! How awesome… imagine the possibilities- teaching your kids geography at the same time as cooking (which is not only a life skill, it also teaches mathematics skills, the concept of volume and if you want to see a rant about this cooking with kids passion of mine, you can click on the photo). But also: money to charity! (which charity… don’t know… hope it’s a legit one) And also: awesome! Also: that’s my cat checking out the situation. Or a massive panther of doom about to consume the world! Either or.
Tame Impala Pizza C/O Little Caesar’s
okay, so I’ve nearly finished a blog entry on haloumi… here’s a picture to prove that I have been working and not being a bad blogger. 
Recently on a hot Sunday I went beach barbecuing with some chums of mine. Knowing it was going to be an absolute meat fest, my friend Kate and I decided to try making a barbecuable meal that was tastier than a meat derivative… enter the grilled mushroom and haloumi burger, with preserved lemon aioli and spicy bbq sauce… yeah you should wish you were us.
inventing night… haloumi and mint stuffed chicken thighs with red capsicum and prawn risotto.