satiations and salivations of a culinary nerd

recipe soon: baked bacon apple with french toast fingers and gingerbread sauce… absolutely delicious!

we made pork burgers. Here are some pictures for your prying eyes. They had braised fennel in them. You should probably make them too, and now you can… the recipe is right HERE.

A story of pickles and buttons: I got home today to TWO lovely surprises! My cute little buttons from etsy had arrived… and on my doorstep, quietly and patiently waiting was a glorious jar of organic pickles… people are wonderful! 

Pesto, brie and chicken mini burgers… 

Caramelised bananas and hotcakes. Late breakfast, lazy Sunday. 

Saturday morning. Lazing in bed late, stove top coffee and baked eggs. Sigh. Hello weekend.


what’s past is prologue… yes. I like this. Yes.


what’s past is prologue… yes. I like this. Yes.

just a teaser… my chocolate recipe for the sweet adventures blog hop goes up today… here’s a bit of a photo narrative of my collecting the ingredients! Chocolate fig tart.

so I made a wedding cake for my lovely and now totally married friends Roz and Brendan. You should see my kitchen. So worth it.

photos of excess. Hello red velvet.